¡Hola! Me llamo Emma Catanzaro y soy la maestra de español. I have the pleasure of teaching Spanish to grades K-4th At NES!  In the past twenty years, I have taught all levels, from elementary students to college level courses and adult education. My favorites to teach are beginners because that’s when I can get them to do their best pronunciation and also instill a love of languages.

Although the lessons of all grade levels will vary, all students will be introduced to the Spanish language and culture. Class will be conducted as much as possible in Spanish so that students will become comfortable hearing and using basic forms of the language. Together we will learn and sing songs, play games, interact with each other in Spanish, and have fun while acquiring the language naturally. 

Helpful links:

Study flashcards and games: Quizlet

Hand clapping game: Chocolate  and here Chocolate 

Here are some YouTube videos I use in class arranged by categories. These are fun for all grades, but not all have watched them at this time.


Siete Pasos (Seven steps – covers #1-7)

Cuenta y muévete (#1-20)


Veo algo azul  (covers colors - blue, yellow, red, purple)

Veo algo rosado (covers colors - pink, orange, brown, green


Bebé Tiburón (Baby Shark)

Lluvia, Lluvia vete ya..  (Rain, rain go away)

Vowel sounds

Manzanas y Bananas  (Apples and bananas – changes the vowels to all the different vowel sounds)

I speak Spanish

Want to learn Spanish along with your kids! 
Click Here to find some helpful links.