Third Grade Swim Program


      The Narragansett Elementary School has had a swimming program for its third grade students for 10 years. With the help of our local YMCA, our Physical Education teacher, Mr. McCaffrey, has been coordinating this program. Mr. McCaffrey feels swimming is a life long activity where there are many opportunities in the Town of Narragansett. If children know how to breathe correctly when swimming, they can swim long distances building strength and endurance, the key building blocks for skilled swimmers.

Here are some reactions from students who have already participated in the swim program this year.




“The swim program is fun.It is fun to learn how to swim at the YMCA. I am learning how to swim better and to breathe while I swim.”




“This was fun and I learned a lot!I will feel safer in the water this summer.”




“It was real fun. I improved my “frog” swim.”





“I learned how to do the dolphin kick. I liked doing the swim program a lot because it was fun learning. I got better!”


Come along and see how swimmingly we are…


Our thanks to the South County YMCA!


May I get you wet?

Miss Glazier shows Bryanna and Angel

how to blow bubbles.

Miss Glazier helps Andrew to get the breathing correct.

Those ready for the deep end listen to Joan for tips on how to improve their swimming techniques.

Joan teaches some of the children how to use lifejackets.

James is getting the kick just right.

Some of Mrs. Morrissey’s students listen attentively to Mr. McCaffrey.

Christina finds out how deep she can go.