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 4th Grade Web Resources 

pencil.gif Mrs. Stedman' s 4th Grade Webpage

Rhode Island
pencil.gifWeather Classroom 
pencil.gifWeather Wiz Kids
Weather Scavenger Hunt
Which Hurricane Tops the List?
 RI Coastal Environments
 Stately Knowledge  
The Official Rhode Island Tourism Web Site
 FactMonster: Rhode Island
50 Island
pencil.gifColonial America

pencil.gifAmerica's Story-Colonial America
pencil.gifLife in Colonial America
pencil.gifColonial America and Literature

pencil.gifOur America - Colonial Period
pencil.gifWhere Would You Settle?
pencil.gifThe Jamestown Online Adventure

pencil.gifColonial America Webquest

pencil.gifA Colonial Family and Community

pencil.gifThe Midnight Ride of Paul Revere 
The Midnight Rider Virtual Museum

Wise up!  Interactive Electrical Circuits
Watered Down Electricity
The Interactive Electricity Book
Magnets and Electricity
Animated Intro to Electricity
Dr. D’s Lab
Electricity and Magnetism Movie
Electricity Pop-ups
Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety World
Snacks about Electricity
Clip Art

Awesome ClipArt for Kids
Debi’s Clip Art
Free ABC Clip Art
Free Clip Art
‚ÄčSusan Coop's Teaching Graphics

Shannon's Clip Art
Suzanne Roman Art for the Web
Visions Clip Art